who can i trust to protect my secrets?

Who can i trust with my Precious message?

More and more people are concerned about who is listening to them when online. How many times have you spoken about something only to have adverts for it appear as if by magic? Is your data safe in their care? Are you their real product?

Viking Pals is a private, invitation-only, decentralised communication ecosystem allowing secure delivery of voice, video and digital information.

We make security easy and
a built-in part of your process.

We use advanced, on-device protocols to shatter your information into fragments, meaning only you and those you choose are able to view it. We make no secret that our business takes inspiration from the Vikings; their sense of community and fairness runs deep in our culture.



Our Viking Philosophies

  • Be Prepared

    • Keep weapons in good condition
    • Keep in shape
    • Find good battle comrades
    • Agree on important points
    • Choose one chief
  • Keep the Camp in Order

    • Keep things tidy and organised
    • Arrange enjoyable activities that strengthens the group
    • Make sure everyone has useful work
    • Consult all members of the group for advice
  • Be a Good Merchant

    • Find out what the market needs
    • Don’t make promises you can’t keep
    • Don’t demand overpayment
    • Arrange things so that you can return
  • Be Brave

    • Be direct and take opportunities when they are presented
    • Use diferent methods and approaches
    • Be versatile and agile
    • Attack one target at a time
    • Have a strategy
    • Use the best tools you can find

What’s In the Service?

We created apps for every at-risk situation. Viking security is built into everything we do.




Wolf Secure Calling

Lead your pack
Wolf allows you to speak one-to-one or one-to-many in complete privacy. Instant and secure messaging and talk with no leaks and no data gathering.

Easily accessible on your terms.

Raven Digital Transfer

Send knowledge to others knowing it can return
Raven offers the most secure way of transferring files without any fear of interception or unauthorised opening.

Raven Digital Transfer



Eagle Shielded Vault

Q1 2022

Raven Digital File Transfer (beta)

Q2 2022

Wolf Secure Calling (beta)

Q3 2022

Thord Token Private Sale

Q3 2022

Introducing The Saga of Thord

Q3 2022

Subscriptions & Affiliates Launch

Q4 2022

TGE - Listing

Q4 2022

Wolf Mobile App

Q1 2023

The Wild Viking NFT Series Launch

Q1 2023

Thord Studio

Q1 2023

Thord Token DEX Listing

Q2 2023

NFT Marketplace Launch

Q2 2023

EBook - Comics - Movie

At home, at work, on the longboat and everywhere in between.

The Viking Pals suite of products represents the most modern and progressive advance in secure information handling yet made. A true web3 innovation for everyone.

Óðinn á yðr alla

Odin has you all

Who is your god?
All too often it is a faceless public company and you are at the mercy of their terms that change with the winds of opportunism.
Viking Pals holds strong, it is as certain as the moon rising. It has many faces but all offer the security of certainty.
We are all striding into the future but we cannot forget the social bonds that link us all together and makes us stronger.
We offer you our hand of friendship so you may join us in our raid against the faceless.



The NFT Anvil

Plundered Jewels, Prizes and Spoils from a Foreign Land

One of the more fun aspects of community building is encouraging bonding between users and the brand. NFTs have seen a surge in popularity recently and show little sign of slowing down. In fact, they are becoming more interesting every day!

Already NFTs have gone from quirky collectables to the great auction houses of europe.
Anvil is our name for your place to create and sell your own NFTs and be a part of this world. We are developing the tools you need to forge increased utility and value from what has simply been pretty pictures up to now.
Our own NFT programme will be a consistent release schedule of limited edition images created by us that tell the story of thord - some of which feature on this very page and may well be airdropped to our lucky community.
Become a member of our viking clan now and reap the benefits of your stash of tokens!

Raven Digital Transfer

Ready to take on the internet
in a new way?

Pick up your axe and download the Viking Pals Whitepaper today to join the raid